Carberry Spinning Catalyst Basket Reactor

Catalyst basket has a “cruciform” cross-section


The catalyst basket has a “cruciform” cross-section. The test catalyst is placed in the cruciform basket and rotated on a shaft. Each arm of the cruciform acts as a differential reactor sweeping through the fluid reactants at high speed. Propellers are mounted above and below the cruciform to direct fluid flow.


Carberry Spinning Catalyst Basket Reactor


  • Reactants:
    Liquid/Solids, Gas/Solids, Vapor/Solids, Gas/Liquid/Solids, Vapor/Liquid/Solids.

  • Typical Reactions:
    Liquefaction, hydrogenation, hydro-treating, oxidation, catalyst testing.

  • Basket Screen:
    14 x 14 mesh, 0.020” (0.51 mm) wire and a nominal opening size of 0.051” (1.3 mm).

  • Common Customizations:
    Conversion kit to switch from a Berty catalytic reactor to a Carberry reactor, special wire mesh size, special material, specific pressure/temperature ratings, ASME code stamp, CE mark for Pressure Equipment Directive, and CRN.

  • Standard Material:
    316 Stainless Steel



Corrosion resistant gradientless reactor is basic equipment for advancing the science of gas phase, solid phase, heterogeneous catalyst technology.
This high pressure laboratory apparatus can be used for diverse supported and selective catalyst research, including catalyst screening, catalyst characterization, and surface chemistry studies. The leak-free metal gasket design provides bench-scale catalytic synthesis capability for scientific experimentation.