Fixed Bed (Tube) Catalyst Reactor

Straight-through flow of gasses and/or liquids is suitable for chemical reactions with rapid kinetics


The tubular reactor is packed with solid catalyst particles. The straight-through flow of gasses and/or liquids is suitable for chemi-cal reactions with rapid kinetics. The reactor can be configured for both upward and downward flow as required by the process.


Fixed Bed (Tube) Catalyst Reactor


  • Reactants:
    Liquid/Solids, Gas/Solids, Gas/Liquid/Solids, Vapor/Solids.

  • Typical Reactions:
    Hydrogenation, oxidation, hydro-treating, catalyst testing.

  • Free Volume:
    0.60 in.3 (10 cm3) and up.

  • Common Customizations:
    Special materials, specific pressure and temperature rating, furnace assembly, “trickle feed” connection.

  • Standard Material:
    316 Stainless Steel

  • Maximum Allowable Working Pressure/Temperature Combinations:
    60,000 psig (4,137 Bar) / 100ºF (38ºC)
    48,450 psig (3,340 Bar) / 800ºF (427ºC)



Corrosion resistant gradientless reactor is basic equipment for advancing the science of gas phase, solid phase, heterogeneous catalyst technology.
This high pressure laboratory apparatus can be used for diverse supported and selective catalyst research, including catalyst screening, catalyst characterization, and surface chemistry studies. The leak-free metal gasket design provides bench-scale catalytic synthesis capability for scientific experimentation.