50 ml MicroClave™ Packless Reactor

A miniature, high pressure, high temperature laboratory batch reactor


The MicroClave™ reactor is a miniature, high pressure & high temperature, laboratory batch reactor. It is used for chemical synthesis of corrosive, hazardous & very reactive chemicals as well as catalyst research.




  • Pressure rating is 5,000 psig (345 bar) & temperature ratings are either 650°F (343°C) or 1,000°F (538°C) 

  • HASTELLOY® C-276 material is standard; other chemical /petrochemical /corrosion resistant alloys are offered

  • Standard 50 ml capacity is suitable for lab use as a continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR) & slurry reactor

  • Process connections in the standard, low closing torque cover allows the vessel to be lowered with lines attached

  • Standard Dispersimax® impeller draws headspace gas & vapors into the liquid; other impellers are offered

  • Sparging (via purge fitting), charging, sampling & external cooling coil process connections are ideal for chemical reactor

  • The stirred reactor uses a 5,000 rpm MagneDrive® magnetic mixer that eliminates dynamic seals for trouble free mixing

  • Optional process control instrumentation measures & controls temperature, mixing speed & pressure

  • Obtain expert, process equipment advice from the manufacturer & ongoing support from the local, factory approved supplier

  • Metal-to-metal seals resists chemicals & extreme temperature


    High pressure reactor equipment is delivered custom configured & after full functional testing for fast & easy start-up. This lab, chemical reactor design permits precise temperature control & rapid heating / cooling. The MicroClave™ can be used as a catalyst reactor, multiphase reactor & adiabatic reactor using minimal amount of material & creating a minimum of waste. Complete high-pressure chemistry in a bench-scale apparatus.