Down Hole Simulation System

Down Hole Simulation Systems

Parker Autoclave Engineers produces high-pressure/high temperature vessels designed to simulate subterranean geological conditions. Tools used for data collection while drilling, such as; LWD, SWD and MWD equipment, and other fixtures or instrumentation used for drilling gas and oil wells can be tested in a down hole environment in controlled laboratory setting. Various Parker Autoclave closure designs are suitable depending on the desired operating conditions.




  • Operating Pressures to 40,000 psi (2,759 bar) and temperatures to 800°F (427°C)

  • Diameters up to 20" + with lengths to meet requirements

  • Single or Double Ended closure configuration

  • Closure type dependent on pressure and temperature of applications

  • Quick opening closures available

  • Alloy Steel SA-723 construction, with corrosion resistant materials available

  • External electric or oil heating cooling and insulation jackets

  • ASME CE, TUV or other applicable code stamps are available 

  • Heating, Cooling, Pressure flow systems including pumps

  • Automated PC or PLC based Control System with data acquisition


Parker Autoclave Engineers specializes in custom engineering, and will design a Deep Hole Simulation System to meet specific requirements. These single or double-ended vessels are suitable for either vertical or horizontal operation. Available in a variety of material options and with numerous accessories, Autoclave Deep Hole Simulation Systems accurately produce the conditions encountered at a drill site.