High Pressure Impregnation System

Product Impregnation System

Parker Autoclave Engineers manufactures systems used to impregnate a process product with a fluid or gas in order to achieve a desired composition. A typical example of this process would be in the foam industry. A polymer is impregnated with nitrogen under high pressure and temperature conditions. Other applications include metal or ceramic impregnation using various fluids or gasses. The result is different types of usable products, used in everything from footwear to Aluminum Smelting.



  • Operating Pressures to 45,000 psi (3,104 bar)

  • Temperatures to 1,000°F (538°C)

  • Inside Diameters to 45" (1143 mm) and Lengths to 50 Feet (13.7 Meters). Specific sizes determined for each application

  • Various Closures Available Depending on Process Requirements

  • Metal or ceramic crucibles for high temperature applications

  • Control packages including data acquisition

  • Internal or external furnaces

  • ASME CE, TUV or other applicable code stamps are available

  • Valve racks, pumping systems

  • Various materials of construction available depending on application



Parker Autoclave Engineers specializes in custom designs for Impregnation Systems. As cycle times tend to be longer in the impregnation process, fully threaded closures are available. For applications involving gases Autoclave offers valve rack designs, and those utilizing fluids, we also offer optional pumping systems. Metal or ceramic crucibles are available in various sizes.