Hydrothermal / Crystal Growth System

Hydrothermal Vessels

Hydrothermal pressure vessels are used in the process of cultured crystal growth. Crystals, such as quartz, are used in a wide range of high tech electronic and communications products. Parker Autoclave Engineers, a pioneer in high-pressure technology, designed some of the first vessels used to manufacture cultured crystals. Since process requirements are proprietary and unique to most customers, Autoclave will work with you to design a vessel that fits your application. Hydrothermal / Crystal Growth System



  • Operating pressures of 12,000 to 30,000 psi (827 to 2,068 bar)

  • Temperature to 750°F (399°C)

  • Standard sizes range from 8 to 24" ID (203 to 610 mm) & for 96 to 288" IL (2,438 to 7,315 mm) Special sizes are available

  • High purity metal liners for high quality crystal growth available

  • Typical systems include strip heaters, insulation retainer, and stand

  • Laboratory or pilot plant units available

  • Self-sealing design of closure also permits easy access to the vessel

  • Alloy steel construction

  • ASME CE, TUV or other applicable code stamps are available 

  • Temperature and pressure control and data acquisition systems available



Since absolute seals are critical, the Autoclave self-sealing closure pressure vessel, which uses internal pressure to tighten the seal, is the preferred closure. The all-metal seal configuration of the AE closure permits operation at high temperature as well as high pressure, both of which are required for crystal growth. High purity metal liners, which are proven to enhance the quality of the crystals, can be supplied. Controls or other related components are available if needed.