Repair and Refurbishment

Restore your used high pressure equipment to like-new condition


Parker Autoclave Engineers provides repair and refurbishment services for existing high pressure equipment. Such services may be required for the repair of worn components or damage to the vessel itself caused by corrosion or handling. As process requirements change alterations may be required for vessels and equipment. Autoclave offers all these services to the high pressure industry.



  • Refurbishment is a cost effective alternate to replacement

  • Highly experienced, factory trained staff

  • Services may be performed at our factory or your site

  • Technical support from Autoclave's expert engineering department

  • Autoclave can also provide inspection, testing, and recertification of high pressure equipment

  • Upgrades and modifications available to meet your changing needs

  • Instrumentation and control software upgrades and modifications available

  • ASME "R" Stamp certification



Parker Autoclave Engineers repair and refurbishment services provide a cost effective means of keeping your existing high pressure equipment in optimum condition. These services are backed by Parker Autoclave Engineers' long-standing reputation for quality and customer support.