MagnePump®: 7-1/2 HP Circulating Pumps

A magnetically coupled, packless, high-pressure pump


Parker Autoclave Engineers MagnePumps eliminate or reduce many of the problems associated with conventional pumps, such as leakage, contamination and packing heat generation. They are ideal for applications where purity of the fluid is a major consideration or where leakage of material could be hazardous such as nuclear and petrochemical hydrates loops. In addition, power loss is eliminated due to no seal friction, delivering full motor horsepower to the pumping unit. Also, when adverse conditions exist the magnet drive functions as a clutch, eliminating overload and motor burnout.


The 7-1/2 horsepower MagnePumps are a packless design which requires no supplemental cooling source. A built-in centrifugal air circulator cools the magnet zone. The 5 HP MagnePump has outlet and inlet flanges in the same plane for easy piping. They are designed for liquid service and have two models rated for up to 2500 psi (172 bar) or 4400 psi (303 bar).

MagnePump®: 5 and 7-1/2 HP Circulating Pumps


  • Maximum Allowable Workig Pressure:
    Up to 4,400 psi @ 600ºF (303 bar @ 315ºC)

  • Operating Speeds:
    3,450 rpm @ 60 Hz,
    2,875 rpm @ 50 Hz
    4,400 rpm @ 76.5 Hz

  • Static Torque: 150 in-lbs (17 N-m)

  • Mounting Position: Horizontal

  • Weight*: 396 lbs. (180 kg) - Model MP40930226560 (*for other models please see drawing)


Applications for recirculation of process fluids (not gas) for nuclear, primary & secondary coolant, petrochemical hydrates loops and other similar processes.