UFC: Universal Flow Control

A stand-alone module for controlling up to four Mass Flow Controllers 


The Universal Flow Controller was designed to provide user selectable functions for extremely reliable flow measurement and control. Parker Autoclave Engineers offers a Controller for one or two MFCs and a larger module (pictured here) for three or four MFCs.



  • Supply voltage can be 110 vac     or 220 vac, 50 to 60 Hz and uses just 100 Watts (max) of power.

  • Interface is accomplished by membrane push buttons for user selectable functions and a 4 x 20 character liquid crystal display.

  • The standard   unit is designed with 0-5vdc input and output signals. An optional I/O board will alow support of other signals like 0-10 vdc, 0-20mA and 4-20mA.

  • Each channel can be operated independently or slaved to a percentage of a `master’ flow control channel in the `blending’ mode.

  • Each channel has a `override ‘ function to open or close valve independent of set point  values.

  • The flow and set point units are displayed in the default units of `% of full scale. There are over 50 different engineering units which are user selectable. Each channel can have different units.

  • A `totalizer’ Function is available to show a total flow amount since last reset.

  • Alarm functions are user selectable for min, max, and Deviation from set point.



  • The Parker Autoclave Engineers Universal Flow Controller is a state-of-art instrument for extremely reliable flow Measurement and control. 

  • The Universal Flow Controller has been designed to provide user multiple selectable functions in a single instrument.

  • All user interface is accomplished by means of the buttons and display located on front panel.

  • All common input/output signals and all popular units of measurement are offered to satisfy the widest possible variety of customer needs.

  • Can be used at pressures up to 4500 psi.

  • All inlets are configured with a 2-micron filter.