Watchtower® Software

For supervisory control of, and data acquisition from Sentinel Controllers


Watchtower® is a comprehensive software package that provides remote control for and data storage from up to four Sentinel Controllers.



  • The “Overview” screen provides system status at a glance. A simplified schematic of the reactor system is displayed along with setpoints, alarms and actual values for pressure, process temperature, vessel skin temperature, and mixer speed.

  • Displays all setpoints, alarms, and actual system conditions for supervisory control of one to four Sentinel Controllers.

  • Stored data is stamped with the date, time, and run number. The data is stored at operator entered intervals into operator selected directories as a .csv file for easy access via Excel.

  • The “Trend” function provides a user configurable, real time plot of each process variable on the bottom half of the Overview Screen.

  • Watchtower Autocycle is a recipe that allows the operator to bring a reactor up to operational conditions and back to ambient utilizing up to 12 steps. 10 recipes can be saved.

  • The mixer is controlled by AED proprietary control software that soft starts the motor from stop or from one speed to the next.



  • Remote supervisory control of up to 4 Sentinel controlled reactors. 

    The system logs all alarms and any operator entries with a date stamp. This allows the monitoring of adjustments or system upsets during a run.

  • System setup and operation is accomplished with simple, drop down menu information. There are no complex mnemonics to remember.

  • System PID loops have an “Autotune” feature that optimizes PID parameters for the customer’s process.