BTRS-900 Automatic Tube Reactor System

Automatic Bench Top Reaction System for complex laboratory simulations.


The BTRS-900 is a oven-based, fixed bed reactor system for laboratory scale simulation of continuous flow reactor systems & processes which is equipped with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Software(SCADA) for automatic control. The BTRS-900 is a tubular reactor systems with high capacity, dual train capability, & equipped with independent temperature controls for key controls & instruments. The pilot scale research system allows scientific studies of flow-through reactor systems.


BTRS-900 Automatic Tube Reactor System


  • Three system pressure ratings offered,450 psig, 1,450 psig or 2,900 psig (31,100 bar or 200 bar) with capacities up to 193 ml 

  • All process tubing is in an oven to vaporize reactants at controlled temperatures up to 482°F (250°C)

  • Two, independent flow-through reactors (in series or parallel) can be installed with concurrent control & data logging

  • "Cone Closure" tube reactors have independent furnaces with three zone temperature control up to 1,202°F (650°C)

  • Mass flow controls &/or metering pumps feed the reactants that are mixed & vaporized for the packed bed reactor system

  • Pressure gauge & back pressure regulator measure & control pressures in chemical / petrochemical experiments

  • Automatic valves, back pressure regulator & pressure gauge isolator have separate heater controls for long life & stability

  • Controls offer recipe /process sequence automation & failsafe, unattended, operation: Operator input & errors are minimized

  • Standard data acquisition & data analysis features include trending, data history, alarms & data export

  • Obtain expert custom equipment advice from the manufacturer & ongoing support from the local, factory approved supplier



The BTRS-900 fixed bed reactor system is delivered assembled & tested for fast & easy start-up. Obtain useful catalyst screening & catalyst characterization data with a small amount of catalysts. Complete catalyst activation, catalyst regeneration, catalyst endurance & surface-chemistry, process studies in the lab. The BTRS-900 is high temperature & high pressure laboratory equipment for diverse applications including trickle bed reactor systems. See the BTRS-Jr® for smaller, simpler system.