Multi-Reactor Systems

Multiple Reactors for Faster Catalyst Development. 


• Productivity is increased by performing parallel processing.
• The stirred reactors can be chosen from any of Parker Autoclave Engineers' reactors.
• The number of reactors and their size & configuration is determined solely by your process requirments.

• Each system is custom desgined to meeet all of your needs. 

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BTRS-JR Laboratory Tube Reactor System

Oven-based bench top tube reactor system keeps process fluid vaporized


• The BTRS-Jr / vaporizes / mixes four inputs, which react in a tube reactor (independent temperature control) with back-pressure regulation. Precisely sample either inputs or reactants as hot vapor(no condensation).
• Pressure rating to 2,900 psig (200 bar)
• Temperature to 1,202°F (650°C)

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Automatic Bench Top Reactor System at a reasonable price


The BTRS-Jr-PC is a complete reaction system designed for vapor phase catalyst evaluation and continuous flow analysis. The standard system includes one fixed bed tubular reactor with system control accomplished by a PLC and a supervisory computer. This system allows for accurate and automatic control of feed valves, status valve, sample valve, reactor temperature and pressure. Custom designs are available for other sized reactors, temperatures up to 1000ºC, etc.


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BTRS-900 Automatic Tube Reactor System

Automatic Bench Top Reaction System for complex laboratory simulations


• Tube reactor system with, automatic customized software & controls(option for multiple reactor systems). Includes real-time fail-safe process logic (minimizing operator time / errors) & data acquisition / manipulation 
• Pressure rating to 2,900 psig (200 bar)
• Temperature to1,202°F (650°C)


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