iMAG 075 Inline: MagneDrive® II Series

A Compact, In-line, Magnetically Coupled Drive


The MagneDrive® agitator uses rare earth magnets, permitting packless mixing at higher speeds and with higher viscosity fluids. Outer drive magnets, rotated by a direct coupled motor exert powerful attraction on the encapsulated inner magnet assembly. As the outer drive magnets are rotated, the inner magnets are actuated, resulting in rotation of the agitator shaft.

iMAG 075 Inline: MagneDrive® II Series


  • Capable of mixing vessel sizes from 100 ml up to 4000 ml.

  • Operating pressures as high as 6,000 psi @ 850° F (414 bar @ 454°C) or 5,000 psi @ 950° F (344 bar @ 510°C)

  • Compact design with up to 7 in-lb (791 N-mm) of static torque.

  • Carbon graphite (Purebon®)and Fluoropolymer with Carbon Fiber (FPCF) bearings available.

  • Liquid cooled (Required for over-temperature protection of magnets and bearings).

  • Motors size options up to 1/2 HP, manual or electronic speed adjust.

  • Various impellers available separately. Contact factory for details.



Direct in-line motor eliminates belts, reduces size, and creates nearly silent operation.

Designed for simple disassembly and maintenance. Bearings can be replaced with minimal effort.

Contact the factory for operation at conditions exceeding parameters shown above or for custom applications.