MAG 2.75: MagneDrive® II Series

Magnetic agitator with shaft & torque for high pressure production reactors


The MagneDrive® II agitator uses rare earth magnets, permitting packless mixing at higher speeds in larger vessels and with higher viscosity fluids. Outer drive magnets, rotated by a motor driven belt, exert powerful attraction on the encapsulated inner magnet assembly. As the outer drive magnets are rotated, the inner magnets are actuated, resulting in rotation of the agitator shaft.

Contamination-free mixing: Packless design eliminates shaft packing and need for lubrication.

Zero leakage to atmosphere: The MagneDrive® II is a sealed system, closed to the atmosphere, so even sensitive fluids can be processed safely.

Continuous, high speed operation: No need to shut down in mid-reaction to change failed packing.

MAG 2.75: MagneDrive® II Series


  • Capable of mixing gas as high as 1700 rpm.

  • Operating pressures as high as 3,600 psi @ 650° F (455 bar @ 343°C).

  • Carbon graphite and Rulon LR7 bearings available.



Agitator recognized worldwide as a highly efficient method of promoting chemical reactions and catalyst testing among gases, liquids and solids in high pressure autoclaves.Dispersimax® agitation available for gas dispersion through liquid during mixing. Facilitating requirements in a proven mixing package for Production facilities the world over.