AE Closure Pressure Vessels

Vessels for high pressures & temperatures where metals seals are a must


The AE Closure is a self-sealing vessel that utilizes internal pressure to tighten the seal. This is known as the Bridgman effect, based on the principle of unsupported area. With the standard all-metal gasket, this unit can operate safely at very high temperatures and pressures. The closure design allows for easy opening and closing. With standard volumes from 100 to 2,000 ml, the AE Closure is an effective tool for laboratory, pilot plant, or production applications.

AE Closure Pressure Vessels


  • Operating pressures of 10,500 psi to 30,000 psi (724 to 2,070 bar) @ 72°F (22°C)

  • Operating temperatures of up to 1,200°F (650°C)

  • Standard vessel ID's of 1.25", 2" & 3" (32 mm, 51 mm & 76 mm), and IL's of 5 to 18" (127 to 457 mm)

  • Standard nominal capacities of 100 ml , 250 ml , 500 ml, 1,000 ml and 2,000 ml

  • Special sizes available upon request

  • Standard materials of construction 316 Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, A-286, other materials available

  • ASME Code Stamp / CRN Registration, TUV, CE, other codes available (upon request and review)

  • Table top or floor stands are available

  • Complete systems with controls, pumps, heaters, and valves/fittings/tubing available

  • Many connection options available



Capable of working temperatures up to 1,200°F, this time proven closure enables operation of the unit not only at very high temperatures, but high pressures as well. Because of its self sealing design, the higher the pressure (within stated limits) the tighter and more reliable the seal. Opening and closing of this vessel is easily done, and the seal ring has high life expectancy even at extreme operating conditions.