Cone Closure (Tube) Catalyst Reactor

Tubular reactors up to 0.44" (11.2 mm) ID for high pressure catalyst research


A standard, high pressure, laboratory, continuous flow, fixed bed reactor. The packed bed reactor design can be used for experimental synthesis processes ranging from trickle bed reactors to laminar flow reactors by modifying configuration, installation & process details. Cone closure reactors are used in Autoclave Engineer's BTRS series tubular reactor systems. The BTRS-Jr. is a semi-automatic, single train scientific apparatus & the BTRS-900 is automatic; with dual reactor option.


Cone Closure (Tube) Catalyst Reactor


  • Pressure ratings to 60,000 psig (4,137 bar) & temperature ratings to 1,202°F (650°C) for many applications

  • 316SS is standard for these plug flow reactors; other corrosion resistant alloys are available upon request

  • Capacity range (1.8 to 45.5 cm3) with up to 0.44" (11.2 mm) ID is a practical size range for bench-scale experimentation

  • ANSI/ASME B31.3 rating assure best practice in material, design & fabrication for "built-in" safety at high pressure

  • Metal-to-metal seals in these flow through reactors resists aggressive chemicals / petrochemicals & extreme temperatures

  • Cone closure reactors can have indefinite life in high pressure & high temperature laboratory chemistry processes

  • Cone closure reactors are easily opened, filled & connected for rapid catalyst characterization & catalyst screening experiments

  • Petrochemical experts use high pressure laboratory steady flow reactors to model production equipment like polyethylene reactors

  • Coned-and threaded tubular reactors are successfully used in laboratories as thermocatalytic reactors in catalyst research

  • Obtain expert process equipment advice from the manufacturer & ongoing support from the local, factory approved supplier



Parker Autoclave Engineer's Cone Closure tubular reactors are cost-effective for high pressure or high temperature research. They are offered in several sizes. These small volume vessels are ideal as bench-scale packed bed reactors. The closure creates a leak-free seal even when 1) repeatedly opened & closed 2) sealing hard-to-seal gases like hydrogen 3) stressed by temperature or pressure cycles. See Kuentzel (Tube) Fixed Bed Reactors & Custom Bolted Closure Fixed Bed Reactors for larger reactors .