EZE-Seal® Pressure Vessels

Easy opening vessel with advantages of a bolted flange at low bolt torque


Parker Autoclaves' EZE-Seal® , in sizes 60 to 4,000 ml, is an easy opening vessel with the advantages of a bolted closure, without the high bolt torque. Designed with an easy to assemble loose flange, the EZE-Seal® also has a unique, reusable metal seal. Silver plating of the seal provides lubrication, and allows for many closure openings before replacement is necessary. If properties permit or the temperature requirement is lower, O-rings can be substituted.

EZE-Seal® Pressure Vessels


  • Pressure ratings of 1,100 or 3,300 psi (76 or 228 bar)

  • Maximum temperature ratings of 850°F (454°C)

  • Vessel ID's from 1 to 5" (25 to 127 mm), IL's from 2.06 to 12.31" (52 to 313 mm)

  • Double Delta metal seal permits easy and repeated closing

  • Optional O-ring gaskets available for lower temperature applications

  • 316SS standard. Material options include HASTELLOY®, MONEL®, INCONEL®, Titanium and Nickel.

  • (HASTELLOY® is trademark of Haynes International Inc. INCONEL® & MONEL® are trademarks of Special Metals Company)

  • In like pressure ranges, vessel bodies are interchangeable

  • Heaters, furnaces, and internal/external cooling available

  • Suited for agitation if application arises

  • Bench or floor stands available



Parker Autoclave's EZE-Seal® is a cost-effective tool for the laboratory or pilot plant. Reusable metal seals and interchangeable vessel bodies ensure flexibility and versatility. Low bolt torque and the loose flange design allow for ease of assembly along with fast, reliable closing of the vessel. Designed for bench top applications or with a floor stand, the EZE-Seal® is also available with an ASME code stamp.