Gasche Resilient Thread Closure Pressure Vessel

Improved thread design provides superior safety and service


Conventional threaded closures, operating under high pressure, experience great stress concentration. The Gasche Resilient Thread Closure redistributes this stress by utilizing a flexible spring, which actually forms the thread. This design increases cycle life and cost effectiveness, because the thread is replaceable. Many different seal configurations can be used with this closure method, and it is offered with a straight or a tapered thread (quick opening).

Gasche Resilient Thread Closure Pressure Vessel


  • Pressure ranges: 2,000 to 48,000 psi (138 to 3,309 bar)

  • ID range - 8 to 48" (203 to 1,219mm), IL's are based on application

  • Designed for high pressure and or temperature conditions where cycling is involved

  • A wound spring w/inner rod forms the thread, this is housed in the cover groove, which then engages the vessel body

  • Redistributes thread stress from the first thread to subsequent threads further up the closure, thus increasing cycle life

  • Supplied with a variety of seals such as O-ring, flat gasket, or modified Bridgman

  • Repeated cycling will not cause closure deformation

  • Thread spring is replaceable when worn out

  • Even large covers can be turned easily because of the rounded surface design of the resilient thread

  • Custom designed to meet specific application goals



The Gasche Resilient Thread Closure ensures greater reliability of large pressure vessels subjected to many different operating environments. The flexible thread, which is replaceable when worn, redistributes the stress across the length of the entire thread, thus reducing the concentration on the bottom one or two threads. The reduced stress concentration increases cycle life and improves overall performance.