Kuentzel (Tube) Fixed Bed Reactor

High flow tube reactor with 1" (25.4 mm) ID for fixed bed catlyst research


A standard, high pressure, high temperature, laboratory, continuous flow reactor. Kuentzel closure tube reactors can be incorporated into Automated Chemical Reactor Systems to simulate complex industrial catalyzed chemistry processes in bench-scale equipment. High pressure Kuentzel plug flow reactors are similar to "Cone Closure" except the Kuentzel tubular reactors are a larger & more versatile research apparatus (more special order options) at a lower pressure rating than the Cone Closure.

Kuentzel (Tube) Fixed Bed Reactor


  • Pressure ratings up to 11,000 psig (758 bar) & temperature ratings up to 1,202°F (650°C) is suitable for many applications

  • 316SS is standard for Kuentzel packed bed reactors; other chemical / petrochemical resistant alloys are available

  • Capacity range (103 to 193 cm3) with 1" (25.4 mm) ID is sized for laboratory use as a thermocatalytic reactor with formed catalysts

  • Simple (low part count) design with replaceable metal gaskets offers reliable sealing with reasonable cost & indefinite service life

  • Replaceable, porous metal filters (press fit) can be special ordered; isolating experimental materials in the flow through

  • Custom order multiple thermocouple & process connections in the Kuentzel reactor wall for sensors & adding/ taking material

  • ASME code stamp option assures best practice in material, design & fabrication for "built-in" safety with high pressure equipment

  • Metal-to-metal seals (including AE coned-and-threaded process connections) is temperature & corrosion resistant

  • Kuentzel, laminar flow reactors come in custom lengths for long contact time in high pressure & high temperature processes

  • Obtain expert, custom equipment advice from the manufacturer & ongoing support from the local, factory approved supplier



Kuentzel closures maintain a leak-free seal even 1) when the reactor contains hard-to-seal gases like hydrogen & 2) when the closure is stressed by cyclic change in temperature & pressure. The Kuentzel reactor size range is convenient for large-scale experimental processes. The flow through reactor is easy to open, fill & re-seal with suitable fixtures & tools. The versatile steady flow reactor design can be used as a trickle bed reactor.