O-Ring Closure Pressure Vessel

Economical vessel alternative for very high pressure applications


Parker Autoclave's O-Ring Closure is an economical alternative to the AE Closure when high temperature operation is not required. Instead of a metal seal design an O-ring is used, which makes this unit more cost effective. The two piece closure is easy to open, and sealing is achieved with the same principal as the AE closure. This is the perfect vessel to use as a high pressure accumulator, laboratory vessel, or in some sizes, a production pressure vessel.

O-Ring Closure Pressure Vessel


  • Operating pressures of 9,450 psi to 27,000 psi (652 bar to 1,862 bar) @ 72°F (22°C).

  • Operating temperatures of up to 500°F (260°C)

  • Sizes to meet most production needs are available

  • Capacities designed to meet specific production requirements

  • 316SS material of construction standard for vessel, other materials available

  • Offered in single and double ended cylinder configuration

  • Piston available for double ended design

  • ASME Code Stamp, CRN Registration, TUV, CE, other codes available

  • Varying Stands are Available dependant on application

  • Complete systems with controls, pumps, and valves/fittings/tubing available



The O-Ring Closure design is available as a standard pressure vessel, or a double-ended compression cylinder. The use of a piston allows for clean separation of two different mediums in the same vessel. These units are reliable and cost effective alternatives to a self-sealing AE Closure. Available in a variety of sizes and volumes, the O-Ring Closure is perfectly suited for applications that don't require temperatures in excess of 500°F (260°C).