Threadless Pin Closure Pressure Vessel

Quick opening vessels suited for rapid cyclic operation


Used for research, pilot plant, or production applications, AE's Threadless Pin Closure is designed for rapid opening and closing along with high cycle life. To operate the vessel, simply remove the pin and raise the cover. This is a very easy closure to automate. With sizes up to 30" (762 mm) and pressures to 150,000 psi (10,300 bar) this is a versatile design for many applications.

Threadless Pin Closure Pressure Vessel


  • Operating pressure of 5,000 to 60,000 psi (345 to 4,137 bar), and special designs up to 150,000 psi (10,300 bar)

  • Std ID's from 2 to 16 " (51 to 762 mm) and IL's from 12 to 23" (305 to 584 mm), and special designs up to 30" (762 mm) ID x 144" (3,658 mm) IL

  • Operating temperatures up to 500°F (260°C)

  • Standard volumes of research (1 to 132 Liters)

  • Simple to operate with fast, easy opening and closing of the vessel

  • O-ring seal, (or U-cup on some models) with metal back-up ring is reliable and economic

  • Automation and material handling systems available

  • Material of construction Alloy or Stainless Steel, other material options available

  • Production units utilize cover flow cup or vent valves to eliminate air bubbles in the vessel during operation

  • Production vessels are designed with a high pressure fitting at the bottom to reduce wall stresses

  • Automated cover lift and pin pulling devices are available



Threadless Pin Closures provide the user with simple, fast access to the contents, and safe operation. Production size vessels can accommodate large loads, and the closure is typically automated. Rapid pressurization, which results in short cycle times, can be achieved with the addition of an AE Electrohydraulic pump. Optional controls are available to further simplify complete systems.