Zipperclave® Pressure Vessels

Fastest and most easily opened pressure vessel design


Parker Autoclave's ZipperClave®, with standard sizes from 500 to 4,000 ml, is designed for applications requiring frequent and/or quick opening of the vessel. The closure is achieved using a resilient spring or "zipper" located in a groove machined into the body and cover, and an O-ring seal. To remove the cover, simply release the safety sleeve and pull the zipper handle. A safety lock engages the spring when it is fully inserted.

Zipperclave® Pressure Vessels


  • Operating Pressure of 2,000 psi (138 bar)

  • Maximum Temperature rating 450°F (232°C)

  • Vessel ID's of 3 & 5" (76.2 & 127 mm), IL's of 4.59 to 12.32" (116 to 313 mm)

  • Custom sizes available

  • 316SS (Standard) for all wetted parts, other options include HASTELLOY®, Titanium, MONEL®, and Nickel.
    ( HASTELLOY® is trademark of Haynes International INC. MONEL® is trademark of Special Metals Company)

  • Complete systems with controls, pumps, and valves/fittings/tubing available

  • "No tools needed" closure

  • Heaters, furnaces, and cooling jackets/coils available

  • Bench-top or floor stands available

  • Parker Autoclave Engineers Speedbite connections standard (adapters available for different sizes/types)



The ZipperClave® is a cost-effective tool, best suited for low-pressure/moderate temperature applications, where easy opening of the vessel is desired. Multiple construction and seal materials are available to meet most operational goals. Different stand arrangements can be used to accommodate most applications. A standard, or custom vessel, including automation, can be incorporated into a complete system meeting your specific requirements .