Stirred Reactor Conversion Kit

Change the capacity by changing only the vessel, agitator, shaft, and furnace


Change capacity of standard, ZipperClave®, EZE-Seal®, & Bolted closure batch reactors. Purchase the vessel, impeller, shaft, internal process tubing & furnace that you need in a single, complete conversion kit. Easily specify conversion parts for adding new capabilities to your high temperature, high pressure reactor.


Stirred Reactor Conversion Kit


  • Sparging, charging, blowpipe, sampling & cooling coil components are sized to fit the chemical reactor vessel 

  • Many impellers are offered including Dispersimax, which draws headspace gas & vapors into the liquid 

  • Stocked materials are 316SS & HASTELLOY® C-276; other chemical & petrochemical resistant alloys are offered

  • Select an ASME Pressure Vessel Code compliant body by ordering an optional ASME stamp for the new vessel

  • Experiment with the effects of process scale-up by varying the batch size

  • Adjust the experimental scale to what is appropriate for the available material & the cost of waste disposal 

  • Purchase everything needed including valves, fittings & tubing with a single purchase order

  • Expand the scope of your scientific studies by conversion of your existing apparatus

  • Obtain expert, process equipment advice from the manufacturer & ongoing support from the local, factory approved supplier

  • Accelerate the research by using a spare vessel / furnace & "warm swapping" the vessels between experiments



Take advantage of the standardized chemical reactor diameters of Parker Autoclave Engineers high pressure & high temperature batch reactors. Maximize the usefulness of a Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR) by adapting existing chemical process equipment to applications that require different vessel capacity or materials. Compare material corrosion resistance by comparing changes in stainless steel & HASTELLOY® C-276 internal process piping that is exposed to process fluids.