The highest pressure rating of the standard laboratory stirred reactors

Parker Autoclave Engineers’ Mini-Reactor is designed as a compact, low volume reactor that includes the full functionality of larger research reactors. The low cost and compact design allows the researcher to quickly set up a multi-reactor lab for high-throughput parallel testing.

Utilized in Chemical, Petrochemical, Environmental including: Catalyst and Reaction, Kinetics Screening, Fischer-Tropsch, and Hydrogenation environments. Parker Autoclave Engineers’ Mini-Reactor facilitates tomorrows requirements in a small proven stirred reactor package for University and Research facilities the world over.




  • 2,900 psi at temperatures up to 600ºF (depending upon O-Ring material)

  • Volumes of 25, 50, 100, and 150 ml

  • Design Pressure of 3,000 psi at 600º F (207 Bar at 315º C)

  • 316SS and Hastelloy C-276 stock materials for quick delivery

  • Simple hand-tight O-ring closure for quick opening

  • Compact design featuring the MagneDrive III agitator

  • Control of Temperature, Pressure, and Speed available

  • Compact design for simple integration into a multi-reactor system

  • Glove box friendly



The Parker Autoclave Engineers’ Mini-Reactor incorporates all of the features of a full size laboratory reactor at reduced internal volumes. The low cost and full features make this mini-reactor ideal for parallel studies. Lower volumes reduce both reactant requirements and disposal costs. A smaller foot print reduces costly laboratory and fume hood requirements.