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New: June 2019
Universal Reactor Controller
  High Temperature, Bolted Closure
Laboratory Batch Reactors


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Parker Autoclave U.R.C
 II   Universal Reactor Controller

Parker Autoclave High Temperature, Bolted Closure
Laboratory Batch Reactors

The URC II Controller is an integrated package utilizing a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for all process control, monitoring and coordination in conjunction with a touch screen operator display unit. The URC II provides the operator with a concise point of control for all processes related to a reactor system. The unit controls and monitors the reactor’s external and internal temperatures, the speed of the mixture, and the pressure within the reactor.


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The High Pressure, Bolted Closure reactors permit research to be conducted at extremely high temperatures and pressures.

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Parker Autoclave Engineers MagnePump



Parker Autoclave Engineers MagnePumps eliminate or reduce many of the problems associated with conventional pumps, such as leakage, contamination and packing heat generation.


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